Safest Disinfectants

One of the Safest Disinfectants on the Market

PPF Disinfect is one of the most highly effective disinfectants available on the global market. The reason is it has a kill rate of 99.9999% for all bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.

But, one of its key features is that it’s also one of the safest you can buy.

Here’s five reasons why:

  1. Completely harmless: Totally safe around babies, children, pregnant women, vulnerable & sick people, animals, plant life and the environment.
  2. No Additives: It contains no other ingredients except hypochlorous acid and water.
  3. pH neutral: This eliminates the possibility of burns, allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and respiratory problems.
  4. 100% orgainc: Non-toxic and bio-degradable, Dispose of PPF Disinfect down the drain.
  5. Food safe: Used on all food preparation surfaces and fresh produce such as vegetables, meat and fish. 

Finally, if you’re not yet convinced consider this key fact. Not only is PPF Disinfect used as a general disinfectant, but it is also qualified as a hand sanitiser, an eye wash and a mouth wash!

By choosing to use PPF Disinfect you are not only using a highly effective disinfectant, you are also using an extremely safe product.

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