World Class Hypochlorous Acid Disinfectant Proven to Kill Covid-19

PPF supplies one of the most effective disinfectants in the world, PPF Disinfect, in the fight to be Covid-Ready.

  • EFFECTIVE: Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.  
  • FAST: Works in seconds and not minutes.
  • SAFE: Harmless to babies, children, adults, the elderly, the sick, animals & the environment.

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Why Use PPF Disinfect?

“When people ask how safe is PPF Disinfect I ask them would you spray your disinfectant on a baby’s rattle and then give it back to the child? With our disinfectant you can!

Yet, it kills bacteria and viruses including Covid-19 with exceptional power and does it ridiculously fast compared to most disinfectants. I always ask the same question back.

Why wouldn’t you change to PPF Disinfect if it costs the same or less than your current disinfectant?”

Dr Lee Hitchens, Director PPF UK

Why Choose PPF Disinfect? St Catherines Church

Lisa Grant, Project Manager for the food bank and facilities at St Catherines Church, Wakefield explains why they are using PPF Disinfect to be Covid-Ready.

The Difference in PPF Disinfect is Clear

Globally proven against Covid-19, our hypochlorous acid based disinfectant is 80-120 times more effective than bleach. 

Plus, for speed of effectiveness there is little competition. Most disinfectants must be applied and left on surfaces for several minutes to work. With PPF Disinfect this is not the case. You can apply our disinfectant & wipe off immediately and still be effective in killing harmful germs.

What’s even more remarkable is that even with this extremely high kill rate and the speed it works at, PPF Disinfect is completely safe. Even better, it does no damage to clothes, fabrics, or food and its completely safe for the user. 

This is a truly superior disinfectant to help be Covid-Ready. 

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Being Covid ready has naturally increased operating costs. To help with this, PPF Solutions are inviting you to become a member of a local purchasing group in your area.

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Be Effective When Disinfecting and be Covid-Ready

We know that these are challenging times. So, we will help you to use our disinfectant effectively in your environment.

We specialise in helping customers provide a sustainable in-house strategy for protecting against pathogens like Covid-19. This support includes:

  • A detailed site survey of the areas you want to disinfect.
  • Help on how to effectively disinfect a room using manual spraying or fogging.
  • If fogging provide both the amount of disinfectant to use plus the time taken to fog.

Whether you choose to spray when disinfecting high contact points or apply the liquid as a fog to cover larger, more difficult areas more effectively we can help meet your needs. 

By combining the right application method with our amazingly effective disinfectant we are able to help you achieve realistic operational costs whilst providing a safe, low risk environment for your staff and customers.

This is all part of our up front service, training and ongoing support that we provide to you.

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