Fogging Application

Flexible Options for Disinfection

You apply PPF Disinfect in a number of ways. This includes dispensing & spraying.

However, there is no doubt that using a fogging system to apply disinfectant is a serious option and can’t be ignored.

Why are Fogging Systems so Effective With PPF Disinfect?

Here at PPF we don’t suggest you stop cleaning. Nor, do we expect you to stop thoroughly disinfecting high contact points manually. There is just no substitute for this. 

However, we know a combination of manual application and fogging is far more effective for most companies and we can help determine what is right for you.

There are several key benefits to using fogging systems with our disinfectant. 

These include:

  • Speed: Fogging provides disinfection in a matter of minutes over large, complex areas.
  • Simplicity: The disinfectant gets to areas difficult to reach where bacteria and viruses hide when in a fog.
  • Efficiency: Operational disinfection costs are under control as difficult manual processes are reduced.

Our easy to use fogging units are efficient disinfectant delivery systems. They help to protect your work environment, your staff and your customers in a matter of minutes whilst avoiding a difficult disinfecting process by hand.

Contact us now and find out how you could use PPF Disinfect with a fogging system.

Why is PPF Disinfect so flexible?

There are two key reasons why our product is so flexible and easy to use.

First, hypochlorous acid is extremely effective at killing viruses and bacteria. Its high efficacy means that it kills in seconds rather than minutes which is the normal speed of disinfectants. 

So, you can spray PPF Disinfect on a surface, wipe it off almost immediately and still achieve a high kill rate. This effectiveness is not the same for most disinfectants and all need many minutes to work to their quoted efficacy.

Second, in general PPF Disinfect does not need to be rinsed off since it is not a bio-hazard to people. This means that once applied the liquid works in its own time and is harmless to people, animals, most surfaces and the environment. 

The only time care must be taken is where electrical systems are involved due to the high water content of the product and surfaces that are easily effected by salt due to the tiny residue left behind.

At PPF we like to offer all the options for application. We ensure that you get the best possible solution for your needs at the lowest possible cost. 

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