Make your working environment risk free, safe and destroy 99.9999% of Bacterial and Viruses like COVID-19 in minutes with our ULV Fogger Systems and disinfectant combinations.

Our easy to use fogging units provide a high-powered disinfectant delivery system that help you to protect your work environment, your staff and your customers in a matter of minutes whilst avoiding a difficult disinfecting process by hand.

Key Benefits

• Ensures minimal disruption to your business operation as the process can provide a full disinfection in a matter of minutes with bacteria and virus being destroyed in seconds.
• Provides a high level of protection for your staff and customers compared to normal disinfecting by hand.
• Helps keep operation costs under control and avoids high costs associated with disinfecting by hand.
• Providing protection for staff and customers against all known virus, bacteria and germs including COVID-19.
• We offer a wide range of options to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your needs at the lowest possible cost.

Our ULV fogging systems are also compatible with all proprietary brands of disinfectant. Plus we can provide you complete packages of disinfectant and fogging units to suit your needs. We will evaluate your premises and custom build our DIY Package appropriate for your needs that will include the amount of disinfectant and cleaners you will require per month. We provide the option to lease or purchase our equipment.