PPF is committed to providing our customers with the most effective line of defense against bacteria and viruses.  We supply the most effective disinfectant in the world and the best systems for easy and speedy application whilst still attaining 99.9999% effectiveness.

We specialise in working with clients to empower them to develop a sustainable in-house strategy of protection against pathogens particularly COVID-19.

By combining the speed of delivery with the use of fogging systems and the application of our amazingly effective disinfectant we are able to minimise the time taken to achieve a safe, low risk environment for your staff and customers.

Not only do we feel that our products are second to none, we also believe our customer service is too.  We can provide you with a detailed site survey, outlining quantities of the product you will need per room, the time that your operative will need to spend in the room to ensure that maximum disinfection has been reached, full training and ongoing support as required.